Surface Mounting Instructions

When choosing the "Drill Holes for Surface Mounting" option or a surface mount address block we will drill 1/4" dia. by 3/4" deep "blind" holes in the back of the address block and include two threaded steel rods for mounting.

You will need the following items to complete installation:

     1. Drill (Hammer Drill Recommended)
     2. 1/4" Masonry Drill Bit
     3. Tape Measure
     4. 2-part Epoxy (quick setting recommended)
     5. 2 1/2" threaded pins (included)
     6. Level (optional)

Step #1: Mixing Epoxy

     Mix approx. 1 tablespoon of the 2-part epoxy, following manufacturers instructions.

Step #2: Attaching Pins

     Coat one end of each 2 1/2" threaded pin with epoxy.
     Insert the pins into the holes, making sure that there is adequate epoxy to anchor the pins securely.
     Insure that the pins are perpendicular to the surface of the address block.

Step #3: Curing Epoxy

     Allow epoxy to cure according to manufacturers directions.

Step #4: Removing Existing House Numbers

     Remove existing house numbers.

Step #5: Determine New Address Block Location
     Determine New Address Block Location
Step #6: Marking the First Hole

     While holding the address block in the desired position, mark the location of one of the mounting pins.

Step #7: Drilling First Hole

     Using a hammer drill and 1/4" masonry bit, drill hole in the location marked previously (depth of approx. 1 1/2").

Step #8: Measuring Distance Between Pins

     Using a tape measure, measure the distance center to center of the pins mounted in the address block. 

Step #9: Marking the Second Hole

     Using the measurement obtained in the previous step, mark the location for the second hole, insuring that the address block will be level.

Step #10: Drilling Second Hole

     Using a hammer drill and 1/4" masonry bit, drill hole in the location marked previously (depth of approx. 1 1/2").

Step #11: Check for Proper Alignment

     Hold address block to wall, and check for hole alignment with pins.
     If both pins cannot be inserted, and allow the address block to lie flat against the wall, elongate the holes to accommodate the pins.

Step #12: Remove Dust From Holes

     Using an air blower or vacuum, remove the dust from the holes to ensure proper bonding.

Step #13: Apply Epoxy to Pins

     Using either 2-part liquid or kneadable epoxy, apply liberally to the two pins.

Step #14: Final Installation

     Put block in place, carefully aligning pins with the holes.
Press firmly to insure the block is completely in contact with the wall.